Propane Appliances

Join the growing number of satisfied homeowners that take advantage of clean and efficient propane fueled appliances.

  • Home Heating
  • Fireplaces – gas logs and mantles (straight and corner mount)
  • Cooking
  • Hot Water Heaters
  • Grills – Phoenix and Buck
  • Clothes Dryers

Contact your local AAA Gas and Appliance office to find out how you can create a more comfortable and convenient propane home.


Enjoy the intimacy and comfort of a classic fireplace without any soot, ash or cleaning involved. Propane appliances are cleaner and safer than wood-burning fireplaces; they’re also easier to use. Instead of chopping and hauling in firewood, you simply flick a switch and voila!

Hot Water Heaters

Propane doesn’t just heat the air in your home. It’s great for heating water too! In fact, there are more ENERGY STAR®-rated propane water heaters than electric or natural gas models. A standard electric model can cost a family of four as much as $600 per year, but an energy-efficient propane model can cut those costs in half!


You don’t need to be a professional chef to know that cooking with a gas stove is better than cooking with an electric stove. However, the vast majority of professional chefs also prefer propane! It not only cooks more evenly and quickly, but also costs significantly less.

Partnered Brands

As a professional installer of high-quality propane appliances, AAA Gas & Appliance is proud to represent these leading manufacturers.

Bradford White Water Heaters
Empire Propane Heating
Buck Stove
Monessen Hearth
Heat Master
The New Phoenix Grill
ProCom Propane Heating
Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters
SunStar Propane Heating