Commercial Services

Are you a commercial business or construction site that needs fueling services you can count on? Look no further than Bowers & Burrows Oil Co.! We distribute high-quality petroleum fuels and lubricants to a variety of businesses across Northern North Carolina. Don’t waste your company's time and money filling your commercial vehicles and equipment at public pumping stations. Contact Bowers & Burrows Oil Co. for simple and cost-effective commercial fuel and lubricant deliveries.

Our commercial fueling services include:

On- and Off-Road Fuels

Bowers & Burrows Oil Co. delivers on- and off-road fuels to commercial construction sites and businesses. We bring the fuel to you so your vehicles never have to stop moving and your equipment never stops working. We also deliver and maintain generator fuel so your backup generator can effectively do its job when you need it to!

Jobsite Tank Installations

Bowers & Burrows Oil Co. installs permanent or temporary job site fueling tanks that allow you and your workers to fuel your commercial equipment and vehicles directly onsite! We will deliver, install, fill, and maintain your job site fueling tank for as long as your business would like to keep it onsite. And if you decide you’d like one left there permanently, we can help you with that too!

If it’s a big job, it’s a job for Bowers & Burrows Oil Co. Contact us to discuss your commercial fueling options today!